VW Pro Feature List

WordPress Optimized Premium Themes Custom Theme Admin Options 1) Featured Article Options 2) Twitter Feed Options 3) ReTweet Options 4) Face Book Options 5) Extra Sexy Social Bookmark Options 6) Post Ad options (Show or Disable) 7) Custom Rating System (Editor Button also) 8.) Simple to use rating [rate class=”gold”]5[/rate] Up to 5 stars Gold, … Continued

VW Pro WP Theme Options

Sample editor features of VW Pro custom themes. These features are built into the HTML editor through a custom script in VW Pro WordPress themes. This allows creating fancy posts quick and easy with a ton of features to use in each post. Custom information blocks Some defualt text. Some defualt text. Some defualt text. … Continued

Closing the Store for ReBuild

I’m closing down the store for a rebuild. I am building an entirely new system using features from my Valid-Webs Premium WordPress themes project. The new system will be using my code and the following WP Store Front Plug-in. I have also been working on a members area for tutorials, including video tutorials. New upcoming … Continued

The Webs Future HTML5 & CSS3

I have seen recent articles on HTML5 & CSS3 and it always comes down to people saying you can’t use them because they are not approved standards yet. The fact is, they have been around, worked on, tweaked, fully changed, altered, tweaked again for many, many years. Web standards are the slowest moving standard on … Continued