SEO and Internet Marketing

I have not been around much because I have been further investigating Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. They tend to go hand in hand in most situations if not all. Now being a web developer I was always quite versed in SEO and especially the core of it Keywords and have code semantically correct. … Continued

phpBB3 Custom Pages

Making Basic Additional pages in PhpBB3 is fairly easy if you follow these instructions. There are 3 basic files needed HTML template your php file, goes in the root of the forum language definition file php Lets start with the template open notepad or a code editor of your choice (NOT WORD, OR ANY MS … Continued

Easy Mobile Site with CSS3

CSS3 brings sites to mobile comfortably. With simple options like this you can make a lightweight version of any site for these mobile devices. Nice simple solution with no extra URL re-writes or JavaScripts for detection…

External Links New Window

Open All External Links in a New Browser Window Expanding on the post about XHTML valid target post. Lets make this a bit automated using jQuery to search for external links and add a class named external. As before, these links will be XHTML valid. Then from the post we are expanding on these links … Continued

WordPress 3 New Features

WordPress 3.0 release has some awesome new features added to it. How about the integration of Multi-Site functionality! This allows us to have multiple sites for one install. We can now easily Have multiple sites Show demo sites Allow others to signup for a WordPress site Even sell WordPress sites if you want and have … Continued