Playing in the Clouds

From about mid 2009 I have been running dedicated servers, self managed. Since then I have been following the growing trend of cloud hosting solutions. So I have been looking into different Cloud Solutions and I am on yet another adventure. I am going to be playing in the Clouds over at Rack Space to … Continued

Long Time no Write

Its been quite some time since I have written an article. There are a lot of reasons, the biggest being time, the second reason is new adventures. I will share a break down on some things that I have been working on, testing, and just plain old playing with. The first one, and the biggest … Continued

Facebook Auto Posting from WordPress

So you have a WordPress blog self hosted and you want to post to Facebook every time you post on your blog. I am going to show you how to do this. It is very easy and requires no plug-ins or additions to your site, so it is not going to cause any extra page … Continued

Testing Post to Facebook

I’m in the process of testing Post to FaceBook fan pages. Lets see if this works. 🙂 Well this was a success.I will write a post about it soon.

Special Hosting Offer (Today Only)

Hello everyone, I have a special hosting deal to offer through my affiliate link for Host Gator that lasts for TODAY ONLY. NOTE: I have had a hosting account with Host Gator for years, they are simply are great web host! DO NOT WAIT, THIS SALE IS ONLY FOR TODAY!!!! Simply put, quality hosting does … Continued