Current PHP SaaS Application Projects

ProBMS is my custom optimised PHP modular MVC framework written from scratch.

The Memory usage is without APC. There are about 6 cached queries on that dynamic page cached by Memcached.
With APC on the memory is less than 0.5MB and page load time is cut in half from the already very fast load time.

ProBMS is still under development and will be internally used for Valid Web’s projects and applications. is an upcoming SaaS app I am building for URL shortening with analytics and many other features.
Currently being built on CodeIgniter but that may change to ProBMS if it doesn’t scale. See the teaser video below

Teaser video

WordPress Pro Admin Options Framework
Teaser video

Pro Admin is a custom WordPress options panel that is optimised and very easy to use by simply filling in arrays.
It has all of the key features required for themes and plugin admin panels.

Pro Admin sales will start as soon as the documentation is finished!