Closing the Store for ReBuild

I’m closing down the store for a rebuild. I am building an entirely new system using features from my Valid-Webs Premium WordPress themes project.
The new system will be using my code and the following WP Store Front Plug-in.

WP Shopping Cart

I have also been working on a members area for tutorials, including video tutorials.
New upcoming features include.

  • Tutorials and Code Samples
  • Video Tutorials
  • In depth use of aMember and WordPress (including use of free Plug -ins)
  • phpBB3 tutorials and integration
  • Advanced WordPress theme development
  • Premium phpBB3 themes with user configurable colors
  • Premium Optimized WordPress Themes
  • Built in SEO techniques
  • Tutorials on using the advanced features in VW Pro Themes

The list goes on…..

As soon as I get a little break on client projects I hope to be launching the new system..