If you are looking to do any of the following. You are at the right place!

Custom WordPress Sites

Building high efficient custom WordPress sites for over 4 years. Custom made plugins to spec. Subscription based membership sites with integrated forums and membership content handling.

Slow site profiling. Site rebuilds and speed improvement recommendations and solutions. I even created an Open Source plugin for Profiling/Debugging and development. Check it out on GitHub.

Custom CodeIgniter Applications

Built to your specifications every application is tested, profiled and built for future scaling needs.

My upcoming launch of UReL.co SaaS application is built on CI. I even updated the CI series from NetTuts that can be found in my GitHub profile.

Extensive Research & Testing

I do extensive research in technology changes and tools. Always making sure to use the latest and greatest tools available for the development process and life cycle of the project.
I love learning, there for I spend a ton of time learning new things and experimenting. Technology evolves, as a programmer I must also evolve.

jQuery ~ Powerful JavaScript Library

jQuery offers so much flexibility and functionality to a site that its a must in almost all projects. With its light weight it brings big tools to the table when building out sites and especially interactive sites. At the same time always using the write tool for the task, Eg. Never using JS for say drop menus when it should be CSS.

PHP Development

Develop custom applications from scratch, writing every line of code fresh.

NOTE: I believe in testing every single line of code to make sure it evaluates to what it was meant to. More so than Unit Testing. Code should be tested as its written, not when someone reports a bug that your unit test did not cover.

Open Source Social Coding

Open Source is nothing new, but social coding is a pretty fresh term. Checkout my GitHub profile for open source code I release to the public. GitHub profile

All kinds of code and projects, phpBB3 mods, WordPress plugins, snippets, CodeIgniter, even IDE helpers.

Custom API Solutions via REST

I’ve connected to and worked with a lot of popular API’s out there. The first thing to always implement is some type of cache mechanism. Most API’s have request limits and the last thing you want is to be blocked completely for hammering their API. I actually use my own cache class to handle this task on this very site. Not only for the API’s I connect to but for caching WordPress also.

Linux & LAMP Stack

System administration is a big part of setting up not only a server instance, but a scalable site.

Over 6 years of running, managing, and administrating Linux servers, brings experience you can count on.

The Highly Scalable Cloud

Working in the Cloud is a blast… Build it, deploy it, and play. If your not happy delete it, just spent .05 cents for that test!

Cloud computing gives you a wide range of options, changes, and usually the tools to scale to whatever your needs are.

The Cloud is the future.

Other services I provide.

  • Make money on your website with Memberships or Subscriptions
  • Having a visually uniform site theme throughout the entire site
  • Having a unique theme or style
  • Need Business level managed hosting
  • Need customisations done to WordPress
  • Want something you dreamed of offering your clients developed
  • Want a custom phpBB3 style
  • Need your aMember software customised
  • Want a members only section built in WordPress for easy management