VW Pro Feature List

WordPress Optimized Premium Themes

Custom Theme Admin Options

1) Featured Article Options
2) Twitter Feed Options
3) ReTweet Options
4) Face Book Options
5) Extra Sexy Social Bookmark Options
6) Post Ad options (Show or Disable)
7) Custom Rating System (Editor Button also)
8.) Simple to use rating [rate class=”gold”]5[/rate]
Up to 5 stars Gold, Red, Green, Grey, Blue

9) SEO Post Editor Blocks (Title, Desc., & Key Words)
10) Ad Image & Ad Text post editor blocks
11) Automatic post thumb (upload any size auto adjust)
12) Post Thumb loads large image in animated Fancy Box
13) Fancy Box post button in post editor
14) Extra formatting buttons in editor
15) Custom user only content button in editor
16) Members only content button in editor via (Members Plug-in)

17) Lightweight, reduced Database queries and HTTP requests. All CSS, JavaScript, and icons are compiled.

18) Side Bar Follow Me block RSS, Twitter, Face Book, and Feed Burner form.

19) Side Bar About Me Option, Image & Text
20) Side Bar Ajax Tabbed standard block, Categories, Recent posts, and Archive

21) Side Bar Ajax Tabbed Links block, configuration. Roughly 3 link category tabs.

22) HTML Column posting buttons for 2 column posts.
23) Quick Admin Links block
24) Custom sidebar block positions
25) Side Bar ads block, up to 6, 125px x 125px images
26) All options have On/Off
27) Adjustable text
28) Custom read more icon
29) Side Bar login block
30) Ajax show/hide comments with cookie

Additional Theme Extras

1) Popular Posts
2) Recent Posts
3) Recent Comments
4) Related Articles
5) All icons are in a compiled Sprite
6) Ratings in 5 colors Gold, Red, Green, Blue, Gray. All in 1 sprite image.

7) Authors Block in each post, On/Off option
8.) Post meta On/Off option
9) Tiny Url Shortener on built in ReTweet
10) Custom Author Page
11) Custom Human readable Site Map of all links.
12) Integrated WP-pagenavi
13) Breadcrumn post navigation
14) Lower database queries beause of less pluggins.
15) Extra Templates =
16) Portfolio Layout
17) Portal featured blocks front page
18) Author page
19) Site Map
20) Members Only
21) SECURITY remover WP versioning in code

This list is not yet complete!