Code Completion in phpStorm with phpBB3

As I mentioned in a previous phpStorm post, phpStorm is my favourite PHP IDE. Since I do a lot of work with phpBB3, I have a couple tips for code completion. There are basically 2 main phpBB3 code libs that do not have completion and are used a lot. The DBAL and ACM, though the … Continued

Code Completion for CodeIgniter in phpStorm

Open source projects can sometimes be a bit of a pain in phpStorm. Here I am going to show how to fix code completion for CodeIgniter in phpStorm. Common Issues

Code completion in phpStorm with WordPress

I use phpStorm pretty much exclusively for PHP development, for over a year. It simply has some awesome features. But there are some things that people tend to complain about. One of the biggest I am going to show you how to fix. Current Helpers phpStorm Helpers phpStorm by Jetbrains uses a stricter approach for … Continued