Big web agencies screw people over too!

I get this client call a lot! To much! Client: So I had my website built for $#x,xxx.00 and I am not happy with it at all. Yes, the x’s are zeros and the # is a number usually from 4 – 9. Me: What’s the address/url? Client: Me: Well it looks like they … Continued

The Real Web Developer

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Back when I was in construction building residential homes we had builders that we called “Weekend Warriors”. Everyone with a hammer thinks they can build a home. Not saying they did not know what they were doing, but they were doing it in a fashion that gave them a work around the legalities of construction. … Continued

Web Development Projects

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ValidWebs has a large amount of projects going at all times. It may not be obvious because as most web deveolopment companies we also have private repos besides GitHub. Our GitHub alone has 56 public repositories. But, I will give you a peak at our private stats also. We have our own repo server that … Continued

VVV DashBoard for Varying Vagrant Vagrants

VVV Dashboard is one of the Open Source projects that I started and work on quite a bit lately. It has changed from a simple UI for VVV to a full on developement tool. The following feature list should show you just that. Extensive Feature List List hosts in VVV Debug On/Off for WP sites … Continued

Cyber Monday WebDev Services Special

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Since we have an open spot to take on one more project before years end, we are offering a special discount for Cyber Monday. We will offer a 50% discount on our rate for any projects we accept from the time of this post until Tommorrow at midnight central time. Keep in mind that you … Continued