ValidWebs ~ Web Solutions

First a little about me and my capabilities.

I have been programming since the end of 2006. I started in front end development and moved on to back end.

Operating Systems Experience

  • Linux Ubuntu
  • CentOS
  • Mac
  • Windows

Now My skill set includes,

  • SVN & Git
  • PHP & MySQL
  • XML
  • CSS2 – 3
  • OOP (object oriented programming)
  • Ajax – jQuery
  • REST
  • RSS / ATOM
  • CRUD
  • PHP API’s
  • Web Optimizing
  • Visual Basic .NET
  • Lamp stack
  • Unix Administration
  • Photoshop – Advanced
  • Hand coding
  • Use of IDE’s
  • Agile Development
  • Custom Application Development
  • CodeIgniter
  • phpBB (Themes & Mods)
  • WordPress (Themes, Plugins and Optimization)
  • CSS sprites

Languages that I dabbled in.

  • Perl
  • Python
  • Pear
  • C#
  • C++
  • Java

ValidWebs provides everything from Business Level Web Hosting to web development with the main focus being web development.
Although I provide hosting solutions, my passion is programming. I simple provide hosting for customers that require a more managed hosting solution. Basically they don’t have to touch anything server or hosting related. Valid Webs is not a high volume host. It is a High Quality Managed Host!

This hosting is definitely not for everyone and is a specialized hosting required for large business sites or very large communities.

The Servers 2009 – 2012

The servers are Dell servers with 4 core Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X3360 @ 2.83GHz with a cache size of 6144 KB per core.
They also have 8Gigs of RAM for high performance and a 64bit CENTOS 4.8 Linux OS.
Each account has the latest cPanel, currently cPanel Pro .

Server Security

Each server goes through a rigorous security audit and scan each month by a tech specialized in security. All issues found are immediately repaired and all server software (Linux distro, PHP, MySQL, etc…) are updated to the latest stable version including bug and security patches. Then a report is sent for me to review.

The Servers 2012 – present

I currently use various cloud solutions. Custom builds configured myself usually running the latest CentOS version.
They all include full server image backups daily and integrated monitoring services with multiple notification channels.

Server Uptime

The servers are up 99.9999% of the time. I would say a 100% but there may be a time when we need to shut it down for a minute or 2. But that is next to never since we can actually do complete reboots with you never even knowing it happened because the system is so smooth. Should the server be taken down for a hardware change we notify site owners well in advance and down time usually only results in a few minutes since the Dell server boxes are very easy to maintain.. Even our budget hosting server runs 100% of the time according to SiteUptime reports.
For glitches that may take down the server, there is a 24/7 Monitor Service that monitors the server and immediately reports anytime a heartbeat is missed.

Hosting With ValidWebs

Hosting on ValidWebs allows us to efficiently manage your sites at your request, including updating 3rd party software, phpBB, WordPress, OpenCart, CodeIgniter, etc…
Manage your databases, migrate them, back them up, even create scripts to covert them to a different software.
When we develop an application or do any type of web development of any size, you as a customer of ValidWebs get a discount on hosting rated by the cost of the project. Because you are hosted on ValidWebs servers it is easy for us to maintain that application and easily add updates to it at little or no cost. Because ValidWebs is not a high volume host, it allows us to keep a more personal focus with our customers and there is no 30 minutes on hold waiting for support…….

Need a Complete Solution

How about making some money from your site! Do you have information that others would pay to see?
Have me create subscription/membership site that allows you to sell your information through subscriptions. I have created a few of these now and I must say these guys make some good money selling information. Subscriptions for everything from tutorials to betting strategies and even downloads.
Add a Custom Blog for marketing and a Forum with membership permission levels and you have a full money making community site.
Host it on ValidWebs, you can’t go wrong! You can grow and expand to any size, all the way up to a full server and beyond.

The Solution

  • Development
    • Content Management Solutions
    • Membership / Subscription Solutions
    • Custom phpBB Forum Solutions
    • Optimized images and code for faster loading pages
    • Search Engine Optimization built in!
  • Agile Project Management
    • Mile Stones
    • Ticketing
    • Wire Frame Mock ups
    • Project Tracking
    • Project File Repository
  • Site File Management and Backup (Separate from the Server)
  • Optional 3 Layer database backup
    • Database backup on the server
    • Database backup locally
    • Database backup on Amazon S3
  • And of course a VW Hosting Plan
  • Discounted development rates on Solutions
  • Monitors Server Services
  • Security scanning and Monitoring
  • Software installs, updating and patching