Grid for aligning HTML elements

When it comes to layout markup and CSS I use FireBug and the Webdeveloper Toolbar for FireFox constantly. With HTML block alignment a useful tool is the ruler under the Miscellaneous tab in the Webdev Toolbar. The problem with it is this, every page refresh you need to add it back. This is a pain … Continued

CSS Arrows and Diamonds

Quick example of pure CSS power Not that this is of much use it shows just how powerful CSS is! There are a few spots that code like this can be applied as an alternative to using an image. Did you know you can make an arrow out of pure CSS! As seen in the … Continued

Valid Code & SEO

I am not a marketing guru or an SEO expert, but I am a developer and part of my job as a developer is to code semantically with SEO in mind. Does valid code improve SEO? No it doesn’t improver your rank status. BUT If your code is not valid, It can hurt your SEO … Continued

The Webs Future HTML5 & CSS3

I have seen recent articles on HTML5 & CSS3 and it always comes down to people saying you can’t use them because they are not approved standards yet. The fact is, they have been around, worked on, tweaked, fully changed, altered, tweaked again for many, many years. Web standards are the slowest moving standard on … Continued