Grid for aligning HTML elements

When it comes to layout markup and CSS I use FireBug and the Webdeveloper Toolbar for FireFox constantly. With HTML block alignment a useful tool is the ruler under the Miscellaneous tab in the Webdev Toolbar. The problem with it is this, every page refresh you need to add it back. This is a pain … Continued

Easy Mobile Site with CSS3

CSS3 brings sites to mobile comfortably. With simple options like this you can make a lightweight version of any site for these mobile devices. Nice simple solution with no extra URL re-writes or JavaScripts for detection…

Custom Web Fonts got Easier

Custom fonts for styling just got easier with Googles release of the new Font API It has been a bit of a pain including custom fonts in styling do to file size, bandwidth, page load etc… With Google releasing this new API Google Font Directory it will make things a whole lot easier for us … Continued

CSS Arrows and Diamonds

Quick example of pure CSS power Not that this is of much use it shows just how powerful CSS is! There are a few spots that code like this can be applied as an alternative to using an image. Did you know you can make an arrow out of pure CSS! As seen in the … Continued

Styling Lists with Images

This is a web developer insider trick. As most people know, when you add the property list-image to style a list you have almost no control over where the image lands. This is particularly ugly when comparing different browsers or when your image sits to high, low or almost on the text of your list. … Continued