External Links New Window

Open All External Links in a New Browser Window Expanding on the post about XHTML valid target post. Lets make this a bit automated using jQuery to search for external links and add a class named external. As before, these links will be XHTML valid. Then from the post we are expanding on these links … Continued

jQuery Ajax loading image

Well I noticed lack of instruction on using a loading image when you load something via Ajax. So I am going to show you how, using jQuery. First thing is you will need a loading image similar to this If you do not have one there is an excellent site to generate all popular Ajax … Continued

XHTML valid target

This version uses jQuery which I use on a lot of projects. The simplest use without downloading anything is this. Before your closing head tag,


To make a link open in a new tab, just add class=”external” to the link. Example

New links with that class will now open in a … Continued