External Links New Window

Open All External Links in a New Browser Window Expanding on the post about XHTML valid target post. Lets make this a bit automated using jQuery to search for external links and add a class named external. As before, these links will be XHTML valid. Then from the post we are expanding on these links … Continued

Web Development Tools of the Trade

When developing sites, coding in general or even support in a community there are quite a few tools that make the job a lot easier on a person. This is a list of tools that I use along with many other developers out there and are invaluable… Note: Some of these tools can be resource … Continued

Valid Code & SEO

I am not a marketing guru or an SEO expert, but I am a developer and part of my job as a developer is to code semantically with SEO in mind. Does valid code improve SEO? No it doesn’t improver your rank status. BUT If your code is not valid, It can hurt your SEO … Continued

NetBeans 6.8 and Macros

Well, I have been playing with the new release of NetBeans and I must say, I Like It! It has a lot of useful features that I am really enjoying and find very useful fro productive development. 2 main items being the Macro Recording and the Snippet Palette. The macros I had a bit of … Continued