NetBeans 6.8 and Macros

Well, I have been playing with the new release of NetBeans and I must say, I Like It! It has a lot of useful features that I am really enjoying and find very useful fro productive development. 2 main items being the Macro Recording and the Snippet Palette. The macros I had a bit of … Continued

Benchmark Your Themes

I have been getting deeper into development with WordPress, mostly styling but none the less working in WordPress because the fact of the mater is that there is a market for it. The point of this post is this, building a dynamic site can get quite heave very quickly, especially in WP. If you add … Continued

jQuery Ajax loading image

Well I noticed lack of instruction on using a loading image when you load something via Ajax. So I am going to show you how, using jQuery. First thing is you will need a loading image similar to this If you do not have one there is an excellent site to generate all popular Ajax … Continued

Tis the Season

I figured I would install a script for snow to get in the mood. But then I decided it would be worth my time to check for a WP plug-in first. Well, Here you are WP Let it snow.

XHTML valid target

This version uses jQuery which I use on a lot of projects. The simplest use without downloading anything is this. Before your closing head tag,


To make a link open in a new tab, just add class=”external” to the link. Example

New links with that class will now open in a … Continued