Big web agencies screw people over too!

I get this client call a lot! To much!

Client: So I had my website built for $#x,xxx.00 and I am not happy with it at all.

Yes, the x’s are zeros and the # is a number usually from 4 – 9.

Me: What’s the address/url?


Me: Well it looks like they used this (list of plugins) and this (premium theme) that they downloaded here (urls) and here (urls). Basically all they did is piece it together and change some colors along with your logo.

Me: Did you have a good detailed list of requirements and some kind of stipulations on what could be used?

Client: Well, we told them what we wanted, but this is not it and they won’t give our money back or return our calls.
Now our budget is gone!
Can you fix it for cheap?

Why should someone else work for free because you screwed up?

I feel bad when people get screwed over on their project and it really bothers me because that client now has a bad taste and thinks everyone can do the same to them. It’s ruining the industry!

In the past I would answer the question “Can you fix it for cheap?” with I will see what I can do or come up with. In the end the client was always very happy with the result. The problem is I was not, because I charged pennies on the dollar to do it correctly while the agency walked away with a ton of money for nothing.

If you are a client you need to ask these questions!

Will you be using other people’s code or designs on my project?

If so

Which items exactly? I want links!

Don’t listen to that we don’t want to reinvent the wheel garbage. If you are paying for custom, you should get custom!

What code or design are you contributing to our project?

If they can not prove they are contributing the value of what they are charging you, then you know you should not hire them. Correct!!

It’s not just from big agencies either, but for some reason people think they are the safe bet.

Do your research, ask the correct questions and above all make sure you are getting what you paid for. You are paying for custom you should get custom.

Make sure that they are actually doing the design, programming, planning etc.. and not just using off the shelf solutions. Like I said, I have seen a lot of $50,000.00 sites built with some $50 dollar plugins and a $40 dollar theme.

For $50,000 you should get everything you required completely custom plugins, theme, etc… and probably even some kind of long term plan to make sure things run smoothly after the project is complete.

I could go on about this all day, but this post should give you something to think about. If you have questions feel free to contact me or use the comments below the post.

There are only a select few plugins that I use that were created by others:
Yoast SEO – well for SEO
JetPack – for social features
UpDraftPlus – for backups

Custom web development means just that. Themes and other plugins required for the project are always custom writen by me!