Slow WordPress Issues and Related Reasons

I see a lot of people complain about their WordPress site being slow to load. The Internet is full of complaints about this issue and people asking for help to fix it. Then you do simple profiling of their site and see stuff like 215 requests 2.7 MB downloaded (1.2 MB from cache) 20.85s (onload: … Continued

Code Completion in phpStorm with phpBB3

As I mentioned in a previous phpStorm post, phpStorm is my favourite PHP IDE. Since I do a lot of work with phpBB3, I have a couple tips for code completion. There are basically 2 main phpBB3 code libs that do not have completion and are used a lot. The DBAL and ACM, though the … Continued

phpBB Invitation Only Mod [update]

This is a minor update for the phpBB3 invitation only mod. For current users that have it installed you only need to change out the template ucp_add_user.html The UMIL package is also updated to the latest. Update your original package Replace the ucp_add_user.html Delete the old umil and replace it with the new one. Replace … Continued

Code Completion for CodeIgniter in phpStorm

Open source projects can sometimes be a bit of a pain in phpStorm. Here I am going to show how to fix code completion for CodeIgniter in phpStorm. Common Issues