VVV DashBoard for Varying Vagrant Vagrants

VVV Dashboard is one of the Open Source projects that I started and work on quite a bit lately.

It has changed from a simple UI for VVV to a full on developement tool. The following feature list should show you just that.

Extensive Feature List

  • List hosts in VVV
    • Debug On/Off for WP sites
    • Visit Site Link
    • Visit Admin Link
    • Profiler Link
    • Backup Database (SQL Dump) host-timestamped name
  • Live/Fuzzy search host list
  • List Plugins for each installed WordPress Site
    • Plugin Name
    • Status (inactive / active) highlighted
    • Update (None / Available – Update Button)
    • Version
  • List Themes
    • Theme Name
    • Status (inactive / active / parent) highlighted
    • Update (None / Available – Update Button)
    • Version
  • Last 10 PHP Errors (with highlighting)
  • Show Hide Sidebar
  • Quick server info
  • Command list
  • Reference links
  • Cache
    • Theme list for each site
    • Plugin list for each site
    • Host list ( Speeds up loading greatly )
    • VVV Dashboard version check
    • Delete cache for Hosts, Themes or Plugins
    • 24 hour cache for each system, separate TTL settings
  • VVV Dashboard version check with notice
  • All buttons are colored for separation
  • Twitter Bootstrap theme
  • Sass CSS
  • Bower to manage JS
  • xDebug check and notice to show if its on or off
  • Debug Log viewer, if there is a debug.log show button by host and make the last 20 viewable

VVV Dashboard is evolving constantly since I am using it more now because of its toolset.

If you would like to see a feature added feel free to create a ticket in its repo and we can discuss it. Or better yet make a pull request 🙂

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