phpBB3 Custom Pages

Making Basic Additional pages in PhpBB3 is fairly easy if you follow these instructions.

There are 3 basic files needed

  • HTML template
  • your php file, goes in the root of the forum
  • language definition file php

Lets start with the template

open notepad or a code editor of your choice (NOT WORD, OR ANY MS PRODUCT)

This is the basic code for a prosilver style using the panel bg2 classes with the link back to top arrow like in the topic_body.

Save this file as about_body.html

Next lets drive this page by making the php file

There are 3 lines that will need editing to make different pages than about us

pulls the definition from the lang file we are making next

pulls the template up for the browser to display the HTML

The other line closer to the top

is the name of the language file used by this page named (my_lang.php)

Save this file as about.php

You should see the edits you need to make to change file names.

Next we make the lang file

You can see how to add to it

just copy, paste and rename the HOME to whatever you put in the other files

Then save this file as my_lang.php

Now upload

about_body.html to your styles template directory
about.php to the root, where the forums index.php file is
and the my_lang.php to the language / en directory