CSS Arrows and Diamonds

Quick example of pure CSS power Not that this is of much use it shows just how powerful CSS is! There are a few spots that code like this can be applied as an alternative to using an image. Did you know you can make an arrow out of pure CSS! As seen in the … Continued

Behind the design

The point behind the current design on Valid Webs is not the aesthetic aw that most WordPress designs focus on using large graphics or fancy images. My key focus in this design is a common layout to work with for my future VW Pro Theme releases. The key points of interest being Speed (Load Speed) … Continued

Valid Code & SEO

I am not a marketing guru or an SEO expert, but I am a developer and part of my job as a developer is to code semantically with SEO in mind. Does valid code improve SEO? No it doesn’t improver your rank status. BUT If your code is not valid, It can hurt your SEO … Continued