Add blog link to admin nav

WP Static Pages and Sites Link With the newer versions of WordPress the admin nav bar is great. But when you have a static page site for home and blog, then the site link always brings you to the home page, when most of the time you want the blog page. This snippet will add … Continued

WordPress Benchmark Dev Tool

WP BenchmrkII is a tool that I made for profiling, benchmarking and development. It has many key features that can significantly help with these tasks.This tool is in development itself, but I use it almost daily for my work. Its very powerful and helps me greatly in my day 2 day WordPress work. Features Database … Continued

WordPress Theme Development Controversies

WordPress Theme Development Controversies and what some say can be not only wrong but hurt your site and its performance. Just to name a few… Don’t add custom stuff that should be a plugin. Clearly separate all of the src resource files. Minimal Admin Options

Code Completion in phpStorm with phpBB3

As I mentioned in a previous phpStorm post, phpStorm is my favourite PHP IDE. Since I do a lot of work with phpBB3, I have a couple tips for code completion. There are basically 2 main phpBB3 code libs that do not have completion and are used a lot. The DBAL and ACM, though the … Continued