PHP Hash Algorithms

So I was playing with some hashing and upon reading up on available hashes decided to do some benchmarks.
PHP Hash Algorithms

You can see a static copy here with a little jQuery twist PHP Hash Example Benchmarks

Something to note is that was from my localhost and not this server, specs are on the static page.

Every machine will have different hashes available depending on PHP version and also built in hashes.
But the most common hashes will usually be available, which is why when hashing something you should always create your own sequence using salts.

For the most part it was just me playing with benchmarks and having some fun with jQuery.
In the end I thought I would share because it is pretty interesting.

Something else to note is that PHP 5.4 is dropping support for Salsa10 and Salsa20.

You can hash with, well the PHP hash() function.

To see what hashes you have available use print_r(hash_algos());

Besides the normal functions sha1() and md5().

Myself I like to roll my own algorithm when hashing usually incorporating multiple hashes and multiple salts and keys.

Anyway, I had fun playing with this and maybe someone else will find it interesting.
Be sure to checkout the HTML page PHP Hash Example Benchmarks