phpBB Invitation Only Mod [update]

This is a minor update for the phpBB3 invitation only mod.

For current users that have it installed you only need to change out the template ucp_add_user.html
The UMIL package is also updated to the latest.

Update your original package

  • Replace the ucp_add_user.html
  • Delete the old umil and replace it with the new one.
  • Replace the ucp_add_user_installer.php (Not on the live site, this should have been deleted)

The only major change is the verifiedby field is changed to just text instead of a form input field.
The above instructions are also included.

The update package can be downloaded here phpBB Invitation Only mod update

For those of you who want this mod, you should jump the chance to get it for $5.00.
The price will go up to $10.00 this week!

New purchases: The download for new purchase is already updated.


Want more information before you buy it?
phpBB Invitation Only Mod Information Manual

Install Instructions?
phpBB Invitation Only Mod Instructions Manual

Any questions feel free to ask in the forum Support Forum