phpBB – Git – Windows Vista setup

First thing, this is on Windows Vista only. I have not tested on others but have been told it works on XP also. WARNING: I will not be responsible for anything happening or going wrong with your PC because of these instructions. Using these instructions you will be able to set up a local working … Continued

Styling Lists with Images

This is a web developer insider trick. As most people know, when you add the property list-image to style a list you have almost no control over where the image lands. This is particularly ugly when comparing different browsers or when your image sits to high, low or almost on the text of your list. … Continued

Valid Code & SEO

I am not a marketing guru or an SEO expert, but I am a developer and part of my job as a developer is to code semantically with SEO in mind. Does valid code improve SEO? No it doesn’t improver your rank status. BUT If your code is not valid, It can hurt your SEO … Continued

The Webs Future HTML5 & CSS3

I have seen recent articles on HTML5 & CSS3 and it always comes down to people saying you can’t use them because they are not approved standards yet. The fact is, they have been around, worked on, tweaked, fully changed, altered, tweaked again for many, many years. Web standards are the slowest moving standard on … Continued

NetBeans 6.8 and Macros

Well, I have been playing with the new release of NetBeans and I must say, I Like It! It has a lot of useful features that I am really enjoying and find very useful fro productive development. 2 main items being the Macro Recording and the Snippet Palette. The macros I had a bit of … Continued