WordPress Benchmark Dev Tool

WP BenchmrkII is a tool that I made for profiling, benchmarking and development.

It has many key features that can significantly help with these tasks.
This tool is in development itself, but I use it almost daily for my work.

Its very powerful and helps me greatly in my day 2 day WordPress work.


  • Database Query Count
  • PHP Load Time
  • Memory Usage
  • Peak Memory
  • Include Count
  • Hook Count
  • Current Template
  • List Queries (Query, Time, Functions)
  • List Includes (With filters)
  • List Hooks
  • List Constants (user)
  • Show in admin also

Currently some of the biggest issues I am asked from WordPress clients are about performance. I use this tool to locate and remove performance bottlenecks.

I also use it when developing client sites in WordPress so that I can keep track of how my code performs. This way if something goes high, like memory after adding the code, I know it needs refactoring.

This plugin is Open Source and can be downloaded from my GitHub account. Get the code here.
If you use it, you should follow this project, I change it adding new features constantly.

Or, download directly the latest version from the git repository. Download Zip
Rename the parent folder to WP-Benchmark after unzipping.

LIke I said, this is in development and may have some bugs. Please let me know if you find some.