Long Time no Write

Its been quite some time since I have written an article.

There are a lot of reasons, the biggest being time, the second reason is new adventures.

I will share a break down on some things that I have been working on, testing, and just plain old playing with.

The first one, and the biggest adventure that never ends is Linux (Ubuntu).

I started playing with it quite a while ago, and now it is my preferred desktop environment.

Since I work on Linux servers constantly all day long, using a Linux distro as a desktop really helps the process.

For instance, no FTP client is needed. I simply setup an sftp: shortcut command and away we go.

Easily setup development environments that are almost identical to a typical server.

No Wamp, Xampp, Mamp needed. It all runs natively on the setup as is.

SO, without installing anything other than the actual languages themselves, you can develop literally anything in any language.

Debug it, profile it, push it to a git repo, is all a snap…..

So without much setup at all and using original sources, I can program with the following languages.

  1. PHP
  2. Perl
  3. Python
  4. RoR (Ruby on Rails) need to install this
  5. C, C#, C++
  6. Java
  7. Instance servers, Python servers, Basic Apache servers, RoR instance
  8. MySQL & PostgreSQL

Most of the above are default packages, PHP, Apache, RoR and database are not, but simple setup.

Not to mention the speed of running a native localhost over XAMPP or alternative is super fast in comparison.

With this, I will mention that I have a ton of tricks and topics to cover on all of these which I will be writing about over the next few weeks.

Sneak peak of other future topics,

  • phpStorm tricks
  • must know Linux commands
  • Linux command tricks
  • Cloud hosting
  • Connecting to Cloud Files from Ubuntu/FTP
  • APC Opcode Cache and what it can do for you
  • PHP Profiling options
  • Manages sites via Git and remote repositories
  • etc… the list goes on
  • possibly some video tutorials

As you can see I have a lot to talk about and I have been very busy with all of these adventures.

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