Some VW Pro Theme Additions

VW Pro Theme Options Page

I added some tweaks to the VW Pro Theme options page.
It really looks awesome now and is quite a bit easier to navigate with collapsing blocks for each of the many theme options categories.
Also each category has it’s own save button.

The New VW Pro Contact Form

I added another option to the form allowing you to set a priority field with configurable drop down options.
I absolutely love the reCaptcha 🙂

Some FeedBurner Changes

I recoded the FeedBurner feature entirely with error checking and statistics included.
Basically if it fails, it will tell you with the FeedBurner error message.

Side Note:
Future customers, you can add this code to your .htaccess file and redirect all WordPress RSS links to your FeedBurner Feed.
Make sure you change the Your_Id

VW Pro Twitter Features

I coded a completely new twitter options for the sidebar.
It now shows all of the stats, options to show the profile picture and up to 20 of the latest tweets.
Also configurable height so you can have a scroll bar instead of a long list of tweets.
Absolutely no javascript or external javascripts required. This is entirely PHP and cached for an hour.
You can view these changes in the sidebar here to the right.

New FaceBook Like Options

Added the newest FaceBook feature, FaceBook Like.
This feature has options to show or not show the profile pictures of the users that liked the post.
It also has options to show the like button on the blog and/or single post page.

I will be adding even more features, if I can come up with some. Running out of ideas………

The first WP Pro Theme should be for sale very soon!

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