One downfall to phpBB3

The lack of high quality mods.
This is mainly due to the fact that it takes time to develop professional quality phpBB3 mods and time is money.
Then it takes even more time to support these mods. Most people fail to realize the amount of time you can spend on answering emails and forum posts.

Well I am going to fix this. I am releasing premium mods for low prices. The hope is that low prices will be overcome by large quantities of purchases.

I have been working with phpBB forums for a long time, so you can be assured that I know what I am doing. Looking around the well known development communities you will see my username topdown with quite a few posts (In the thousands).
Note: These posts are not questions but answers!

So lets get started and create some Quality Premium Mods.
The goal:

  • Quality phpBB3 Mods
  • Simple Installations
  • Limited Core edits if any (We strive for none)
  • Cheap Prices overcome by quantity (You need to help with this by spreading the word)
  • Free (hopefully un-needed) support)
  • Free Minor Version Updates

Feel free to make requests in the forums or comment section below.
Please don’t make requests for free stuff, my free time is limited and used up answering support questions throughout the communities.

Current phpBB3 Premium Mod List