WordPress Customization

The number one PHP CMS application on the internet. WordPress makes up for over half the PHP sites on the internet.

Love Open Source

Using open source projects gets tons of developer eyes on the project. Which improves security and speeds up releases.

Business Web Presence

Don’t undervalue your business! Building your online business and business presence is not a game. Invest in your web presence the same value you have in your local presence.

Experts In What We Do

If it can not be completed like a Pro, we wont do it. Experts in PHP, LAMP stack and the cloud, we can build you the solution you need for your business.

Your Business Solution

The perfect solution is one that is developed with all technical aspects in mind, plus your requirements. Technical includes, proper coding techniques, security, scaling, using box solutions when it makes sense and custom solutions when required.

Active Development

Solutions are never done! They require maintenance, updating, code improvements, additional features, etc… Don’t call it done when you think it’s done. Make sure you get a maintenance agreement.

Business Solutions for the Web

A business solution is developed to cater to your businesses needs. Some businesses need ecommerce while others don’t. Almost all businesses need online presence.

Starting with a list of your requirements we develop a solution than envelopes these needs with the proper tools to excel your business into the future of the web. Careful engineering to include design, website, mobile, social status and analytical tracking, and full SEO including competition. If your business requires a custom application or applications to complete the solution, then we build it.

All of your sites needs can be built on a secured, backed up daily LAMP stack in the cloud with high availability that is monitored from the servers internal services, CPU, RAM and storage to the application level.

Some ValidWebs Engineering Services.

  • Consulting Services
  • Custom Themes
  • PSD to WordPress conversion
  • Custom Plugins to solve your needs
  • Performance and Security
  • Social API’s
  • Specialized hosting and scaling
  • Custom API and application development

Built in Features.

  • Security
  • Performance
  • SEO
  • Coding Standards
  • Usability